Ways to Get Free Internet at Home and Away

Did you know there are ways to get internet access absolutely free? It’s necessary for most people these days for work, keeping in touch or just having the convenience of searching nearby stores or sales. If you want to save money every month, here some ways you can cut your internet bill to zero!

Use Your Phone or Cable Service

Spectrum, Cox Communications, XFINITY and Optimum cable tv services give you access to over 500,000 WiFi hotspots for free. Simply go to your providers websites and find their closest hotpots anywhere you are.

If you are paying for phone service, you can use your phone plan as your own personal hotspot. Connect your devices to your phones hotspot and stop paying two bills! If you use this option, be sure you are keeping track of your phones data usage to avoid additional charges or have an unlimited data plan.


Instabridge not only finds WiFi near you – it also has a lot of the passwords to secured WiFi networks for many cafés and restaurants that don’t offer free public WiFi. Simply download Instabridge on your laptop, phone or tablet and find free WiFi with connection information.


If you thought dial up internet was dead, checkout NetZero. You can get 10 hours of free WiFi right in your own home. Simply visit their website and click Services, then Dial-Up. You’ll see the 10 hours of free internet there. Follow the instructions and you are ready to get started.

Freedom Pop

This option will require you to purchase a modem and pay a $9.99 activation fee, but after that your monthly service will be free. You’ll only get 200 mb per month, but that’s plenty for folks that just use their internet for general access to email and checking social sites.

Libraries and Public WiFi

Libraries and many stores, cafes and restaurants offer free public WiFi access. If you use this option, ensure your personal information is protected. Some of the most reliable services can be found at Starbucks, Public Libraries, Barnes and Noble, McDonald’s and The Apple Store.


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