As always the team of analysts of 2B2BUY, brings you the best information, today for those who want to start in the field of Dropshipping we bring this Guide How to do dropshipping in Amazon, if you have an ecommerce or not, these tips and practices are for you.

Are you looking to make dropshipping with Amazon and a Shopify or Woocommerce store? In this article we will explain how to do dropshipping with this platform, but selling all your products through an ecommerce with your brand.

Si aprovechas este sistema correctamente, podrás proveer tu ecommerce fácilmente y sin pagar cuotas de mayoristas ni integraciones.


To take into account when doing dropshipping with Amazon following this method:

In this article we are not talking about creating your own Amazon account and selling through this platform. We talk about having your own ecommerce and that, when someone buys, it is Amazon who makes the delivery of the product.
  • This method is completely manual and it may not be useful if your store starts registering a high number of sales. In the event that you start selling very frequently, you should consider looking for another provider or working with Amazon’s affiliate system.
  • It is surprising that there are not more people taking advantage of this method. You may not even be aware that you can do something so simple and make money, because this method is not “official”. Amazon does not offer any feature or option of dropshipping shipping.
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  1. First of all, you will need your own ecommerce (optional). It does not matter which platform you mount it with. Just make sure it works and that it is optimized to convert.
  2. Create your own Amazon account. We do not talk about a professional account, with an ordinary user account is enough for you.
  3. We assume that you have chosen the niche of your ecommerce. If so, devote yourself to browse Amazon and choose those products that you would like to sell in your store.
  4. Create an Amazon wishlist and add all those products you have chosen. Make sure all of them are labeled as Amazon Prime. In this way, you ensure that the product is in a warehouse owned by Amazon and that the shipment is made by this company.
  5. Do you already have all the products chosen? Dalos high in your store. Optimize product listings with images, descriptions worked, etc.
  6. Choose a product price that gives you a sufficient margin, but that is competitive (yes, we know that it is not so easy, but it is what you have to sell!).
  7. Remember that the margin has to cover the advertising costs in which you are going to incur.
  8. Once the products are published in your ecommerce, make your store known on Amazon. How to do it is your thing: social media campaigns, SEO, AdWords, email marketing … There are dozens of options with which to promote an ecommerce.
    When you register a sale, go to your Amazon account and ask for that same item for your client. Enter the customer’s address and contact information as the recipient of the shipment.
  9. When placing the order, be sure to check the “Order as a gift” option in the cart. This will eliminate the price of the invoice. You can even add a personalized note from your store.
  10. Use your own address and billing information. For the shipping information, put the address of your customers where you want the package delivered. We have called this system “dropshipping with Amazon” because Amazon will send the package directly to the customer.
  11. Do not forget that Amazon Gift Cards can help you in any comment you need, change them, use them to buy, serve your customers, anything.

Learn more about Amazon Gif Cards Here


1- By recommending that you choose products labeled as Amazon Prime, we have done so that there are no problems with the shipment and that the product is of quality. However, it is important NOT to abuse the free shipping of your Prime account. This goes directly against Amazon’s policy and could result in your account being canceled. The best option is that you pay the shipping yourself (most will cost less than 10 euros) and that you compose the expense also charging it in your own ecommerce.

2- A typical concern is that the customer receives an Amazon box and is not satisfied. Many consumers are fully aware of the dropshipping system, and do not really care as long as they receive their order on time and in good condition. If you also include a note on the gift invoice in which you mention your brand, 9 out of 10 will assume that your business simply also sells on Amazon, like many other companies.

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