Get Ready for National Garage Sale Day – 5 Tips for Scoring Great Deals this Saturday

Every year on the second Saturday of August, people around the country celebrate National Garage Sale Day. Tons of households will be taking advantage of the big day to clean out their attics, closets, and more. Trust us, it’s a great day to go bargain hunting.

Sometimes entire towns and neighborhoods will even get together to do community-wide yard sales.

For 2017, National Garage Sale Day will take place on August 12. If you want to really nab the best deals, you’ll want to follow these Garage Sale Day tips.

1. Check the Internet

Before heading out to peruse your local (and nearest upscale) neighborhoods, check online for advertised sales. Browse details for garage sales listed online with sites like CraigslistYard Sale Search, and Garage Sales Tracker.

You can also check your local newspaper’s classifieds section. Offline, you might also find flyers at nearby coffee shops and supermarkets.

2. Go Early.

Pick the sales and/or neighborhoods that look the most appealing and get there as early as you can. Often times the early bird gets the worm, and the primo finds will sell quite early in the day.

That’s not to say you can’t still score some bargain later in the day though. Often sellers will lower prices or be more apt to negotiate as the day goes on.

3. Dress for Success.

For starters, you’ll want to dress comfortably. Leave the heels at home and opt for sneakers or other comfortable shoes. You don’t want to appear super affluent either, sometimes sellers can and will judge.

If you look like you can afford higher prices, sometimes it’ll hurt your ability to haggle. Keep things casual, and leave the flashy jewelry or expensive purses at home.

4. Negotiate.

Strike up a conversation and ask plenty of questions. The friendlier you are, often the easier it is to negotiate a sweet deal. If you see multiple things in which you’re interested, ask about grouping them together for a bundled deal.

Don’t lowball, but don’t be afraid to make offers and counter-offers either.

Not good at negotiating? Bring a friend or loved one so you can play good cop, bad cop.

5. Carry Small Bills.

It’s easier to negotiate if you can present, say, a $5 bill and say “well, this is all I can spend.” Besides, it can be pretty awkward taking someone down to $3 and then handing them a $20.

It also helps to stash multiple denominations in various pockets. No one has to know how much you have available.

Now, get ready to get up early so you can score yourself some fabulous deals.

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