Dropshipping Guide (What is Dropshipping?)

Dropshipping Guide (What is Dropsshiping?)

Dropshipping Guide

What is dropshipping?

Still do not know exactly what Dropshipping is, how it works and what are its advantages for your digital business?

Today you will discover what this powerful sales technique is all about and why more and more users opt for it to start their own businesses on the Internet.

And is that, contrary to what happened until a few years ago, now anyone who decides to create an online store, you can also go to a Dropshipping provider, instead of having their own warehouses to serve products to their customers.

Therefore, given the popularity that has reached this concept today and how relatively easy it is to have a business of buying and selling products completely online, I think you should know it based on the definition itself.

In this way, you will understand what it is and what it is for, as well as discover other terms related to this sales technique and what procedure you should follow to be able to carry it out successfully.


What Is Dropshipping?


But What is Dropshipping?

The Dropshipping is a business model based on the sale through the Internet of products that are not held in stock, through agreements and negotiations with the manufacturer or wholesaler, so that this is the one that sends them directly to the final customer.

In this way, without having to invest in buying your own stock, you can also sell different items or products that you do not physically own.

In practice, for example, if you are the one who decides to set up this type of business, you would be responsible for an eCommerce of Dropshipping, where you would sell products of a third party, which is called: “Dropshipper”.


How does Dropshipping work exactly?

If you already have an eCommerce or are about to start one, through the creation of agreements and negotiations with a manufacturer or wholesaler, you can sell items or products that you do not really have in stock in your online store.

And, the moment a person buys these products in your business, your provider would also receive a notification, so that it is he who sent those customers those products.

In short, the retailer takes an intermediary role in said sale. But, the items purchased in your store, would be sent to customers with their own brand (or even without any identifying sign).

What is the benefit for each of the parties?
The business for the owner of eCommerce, is that you can sell products without stock and earn a commission on the price of the manufacturer or wholesaler.
The benefit to the Dropshipper, is that you can sell more products on the internet without having to worry about positioning and / or managing an online store.
Do you really know how to start your own dropshipping business?
There are already many entrepreneurs who turn to dropshipping in Spain, because they have seen in this sales system a very interesting and profitable way to obtain monthly income in their eCommerces.

So, so that you can also start a system like this step by step, in this guest post, Elia Rosado has written us an extensive guide with everything you need to know about it.

I leave you with her now, I hope you find it as interesting as I know this topic in depth. Good luck!

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